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H.TNO: 12UE1A0494 (ECE)

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H.TNO: 12UE1A0552 (CSE)

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coign technologies

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Ms.M.Shiva priya won
broze medal

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H.TNO: 12UE1A0483 (ECE)

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Truzio technologies

Trinity College of Engineering & Technology has been structured to take head on the changing trends of technology. The idea of setting up the college emerged when no other college could cater to the needs of a student in his/her endeavor to acquire wholesome education. The very strength of Trinity lies in its principles of providing the right learning environment for the student who does not have to compromise throughout the learning process of becoming global citizen.
At Trinity learning pushes all boundaries of conventional thought in pursuit of understanding science in relation to the society. Every concept a Trinity acquires carries the inbuilt awareness of how it can be applied to render human life better.
Over the years since it was established, there has been dynamic progress at Trinity in all academic and research activities, and a parallel improvement in facilities and infrastructure, to keep it on par with the best institutions in India. The campus epitomizes the Trinity motto, “Striving towards perfection" in providing the best of infrastructure and ambience. Trinity keeps a keen eye on the current trends and innovations happening in the industry and offers learning methods, which are designed to meet the evolving requirements of the industry.

At Trinity, perfection is a passion.