Trinity College Of Engineering Bommakal
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Laboratories in the Department of H& S

The department has established 4 well established state-of-art laboratories namely English Communication Skills Lab, Audio Visual Centre, Engineering Physics Lab and Engineering Chemistry Lab.

Physics Lab

The main objective of conducting laboratory in Physics is to make the student to analyze the Physical Principle involved in the device and also to allow the student to relate the Principle to new applications. There are around title experiments in which areas of optics, mechanics to electronics are covered, by which the student gets nurtured to all the branches of engineering. The performance of these twelve experiments makes the student to think in an innovative manner and also improve these creative skills which are very essential in Engineering.View Lab Facilities

Chemistry Lab

The main objective of the department is to develop the necessary theoretical and practical aspects required for understanding intricacies of the subject and also give adequate exposure to the applied chemistry aspects in different disciplines of engineering. Our faculty educates the engineering students with all necessary concepts related to chemistry and develops a scientific attitude by means of distinguishing, analyzing and solving various engineering problems. We are training the students to develop their experimental skills and important practical knowledge in engineering by providing sophisticated chemistry laboratory.View Lab Facilities


In the ELCS Lab (English Language Communication Skills Lab) an elaborative description of speech processes and mechanism of speech production supported by various exercises and examples is practiced. The students are trained in'Received Pronunciation' to neutralize their speech mechanism. The students are also exposed to advanced levels of phonetic transcription and marking word accent in Phonetics.
The students are exposed to various exercises and sample model papers to enable them succeed in various competitive examinations such as GATE, GRE. TOEFL etc. In the (AVC) Audio Visual Lab, the students are exposed to techniques of making effective presentations and debates. Mock interview sessions and group discussions on abstract and hypothetical topics are presented. The students are trained to excel in post graduate programmers to succeed in industry/ technical profession through global, rigorous education.
The students are exposed to creative, analytical and decision making skills through various activities inclusive of take home assignments and projects. These projects are highly challenging in nature throwing light on various current issues to prepare the students face global challenges arising in various academic setting.View Lab Facilities


The objective of IT Workshop is to impart basic computer usage and maintenance skills and to Introduce you to a suite of productivity tools that will aid in your day to day activities. IT workshop works in Learning by doing mode. It concentrates more on handson experience for the participants rather theoretical classes. It enables the participant to make the best use of Microsoft Office Suite in their day today requirements and make use of it to improve the standards in the educational environment. The IT Workshop prepares the participant to have hands on experience in maintaining and troubleshooting a PC by themselves. View Lab Facilities